Digital marketing transformed the way companies conduct business. The era of social media campaigns, quality content, influencers and SEO centred strategies is upon us. It’s the dawn of the digital! Therefore, finding a proper digital marketing consultant in Sydney, for example, is crucial for the growth of your company.


As a modern entrepreneur, business owner or a startup enthusiast, you have to find a place in your marketing plan for SEO. If you want to achieve long-lasting results that can truly affect your Google ranking and thus your company’s social exposure, SEO is the way to go.  


Consequently, right here, in this article, we’re going to tell you why this method is so essential for scalability and growth. Plus, we’re going to describe to you why White Light Digital Marketing (WLDM) is the company you’ll want to do SEO for you!


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WLDM services


We’ll now move on to the next level of qualifications, and that’s the services WLDM offers. To make this simpler, we’re going to explain the whole process to you in a few sentences, so you’ll get a general idea.


We start with a technical SEO audit. The SEO audit inspects every aspect of your website so that we can identify the issues. This includes but is not limited to duplicate content, low page speed, missing H1/H2 tags, HTTPS status codes, URL and 404 errors, the XML sitemap status, keyword cannibalisation, duplicate metadata, broken links and other issues.


During the SEO audit, we also conduct a ranking drop investigation to locate the reason/s your website suddenly dropped in ranking. Once we have the answers, we consult with you, point out the problems and lay out possible solutions. Each step we take is devised with you, and in accordance with the brand that you’re trying to build.


Once we have all of the above figured out, we move on to keyword research and content creation. Content creation and marketing is the pillar of our SEO strategy. We value high-quality content as much as you do, and we want to create the best possible copy to promote your brand.


Each copy is delivered with precision and is optimised according to our particular secret keyword and linking recipe. We don’t use the regular high-volume keywords. Instead, we focus on long-tailed keywords and industry targeted terms so you can rank high in your business field.


Of course, we also perform on-site SEO and backlinking outreach. On-site SEO is now more important than ever with all the new Google rules that rank your website, taking into consideration everything from the navigation on the site to possible 404 errors. We don’t stop there, as we built your online portfolio and promote the content by creating a network of backlinks. Backlinks are the most organic and natural method for better ranking and driving traffic.       


What, in fact, is SEO?


SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.


Search Engine Optimization includes multiple processes that affect the online visibility of a website a.k.a. your business page, where customers order products and services. The goal of an SEO campaign is to put your company’s website on the first page of Google searches.  


In short, that’s our job description as digital marketing consultants, Sydney, or any other place in Australia. Included, but not limited to digital marketing consultant Brisbane and Melbourne.


It’s not to be mistaken in any way with paid results! SEO deals only with organically optimised results and traffic, which is a far better way to gain online exposure.


To support the above statement, we present you with the findings from the Chitika research team. According to them, Google Page 1 results dominate 92 percent of all traffic for average searches, while Page 2 results see a drop in traffic by 95 percent. Let’s provide you with a cute table for an overview:


Google Traffic Overview
Page 1 91.5%
Page 2 4.8%
Page 3 1.1%
Page 4 0.4%
Page 5 0.2%
Page 6 0.2%
Page 7 0.1%
Page 8 0.1%

How important is SEO really?  


If the above table didn’t make it clear enough, SEO is really important if you want to grow your business. Let’s explain this with a simple metaphor. An online retail store requires customers for selling products. Customers usually Google the products they want to purchase. If your store is not on the first page of Google, the possibility for a customer to find it drops to 4.8 percent, and that’s with a calculated intent to buy.


That’s the simplest explanation. There are a bunch of complicated and simultaneous processes from backlinking to keyword placement that go into creating a marketing strategy that can rank your website to Google’s Page 1.

The job of a marketing consultant, Sydney


Now that we got the definitions straight, and we explained what SEO is and why it’s vital for you to include in your marketing game plan, we’re moving on to the factuality of the job. In this section, we’re going to explain to you in detail what WLDM does or what a great marketing consultant, Sydney, has to do to promote your business online.  


Let us tell you more about who we are and what we do


Brie and Viola are the co-founders of the Wight Light Digital Marketing Agency and the DMSS (Digital Marketing Skill Share) Conference in Bali. Between them, and the rest of the team filled with client managers, copywriters, outreach managers and specialists, is over 30 years of SEO experience. The in-depth knowledge and know-how in the field is the first reason you should consider WLDM before any other digital marketing agency.


To top it all off, WLDM was shortlisted for the SEMrush Award in the category of the best agency of the year.


Are you wondering what DMSS is?


Well, let us tell you.


DMSS is THE SEO event of the year, held in Bali with over 30 unique workshops and keynote speeches. You will encounter experts in the digital marketing field who are eager to share their in-depth knowledge on the latest SEO solutions. With over 300 professionals in attendance, the insights to accelerate the digital performance are everywhere. Brie and Viola created this conference in order to help others in the field to become better digital marketers.

Client benefits


We explained who we are and what we do. We even gave you a preview on how we do it, so now it’s time to let you know about the benefits you’ll be getting as a client.


  • Ingenuity – As we said above, Brie and Viola created the DMSS Conference, which means we’re into trying out new strategies all the time. Because we’re data-driven and committed to using all the resources available to us (and by extension to you) to gain the best results, you can be sure we’re on top off the trends.
  • Partnership – When you’re working with us, you’re working with a friend. Each of our client managers is focused on the needs of your company, and he/she will explain to you in detail everything you need or want to know. We’re going to become your team in no time.
  • In-house work – All the heavy-lifting is done by us, and us alone, the digital marketers in the WLDM team. We are a white hat agency, and we’re not cutting any corners!    
  • Online exposure – The goal is better ranking and thus gaining online exposure. We’re going to help you dominate your field, make you recognisable online and bring in traffic and customers to your website. The end-goal is to secure you a top spot in the most challenging arena — Google search rankings.     
  • Monthly Reports – Each month we will inform you about the ongoing changes, and prepare reports with rankings updates. If there are any changes in the industry, we’ll make sure to let you know.

WLDM I The content marketing agency, Sydney


Let’s talk about content.


If you don’t know this already, WLDM is one of the best content marketing agency Sydney has to offer, and that’s because we understand how incredibly important content is to SEO. Content marketing is the no.1 top-rated digital marketing technique, so it’s only natural for us to focus on content creation and promotion. Our content is what professionals call “purpose-driven” content.

What is a purpose-driven content?


A purpose-driven content is the one that answers the questions your customers have!


Before we start writing copy, we focus on the why. What’s the purpose of the article, and do the readers gain any value from the information presented in the piece? Is the content attractive enough for the potential customer? Does it have a real impact?


In short, when we have an answer to all of these questions, we start writing. The goal is not just to create content as a marketing method, but to derive a value for everyone involved.


As much as photo and video are essential tools for getting your message across in today’s world, still most of our communication goes through the written word. People learn through stories, answers and questions, and they want to read interesting and exciting articles.

The WLDM digital strategy, Sydney


All of the above is tied into the WLDM digital strategy, Sydney’s top agency. Why is our digital strategy better than the others, you might wonder? Because we focus on a few key things:


  • Target audience – The most prudent way to develop any digital strategy is to take your audience a.k.a. potential customers and clients, into consideration. This includes their expectations, demands and most importantly searches. We research your target audience for you. The social makeup of online customers is quite different from the one you encounter on more traditional channels. Each group has its own customer profile and behaviour, competitors, propositions and options.
  • Competitors analysis – If another company in your field is doing great online, we want to know why! Because of that, one of the key issues we pay attention to is the competitors analysis, which gives us insight into the backlinking profile, and SEO methods your competition is using.  
  • Optimisation and integration – We wrap everything we’ve been talking about in a bundle of operations and integration processes, which optimise your website. The goal is to make the digital marketing strategy work for you on every level. Driving organic traffic, which will up your rankings on Google, which will bring customers and clients to your website.

Find the right online marketing consultant, Sydney


How can you find the right online marketing consultant, Sydney has so many to offer? You can start by checking the recommendation section on our website, or by looking at our client portfolio. We are a team of committed marketers that take their jobs very seriously. We’ll make your goals our goals.


We offer three packages from 15, 25 to 50 hours a month called the bronze, silver and gold package. Each of them is devised for light, standard and heavy SEO, depending on the need of your company. If you need more in-depth information about the prices, and the packages, write us a quick email or contact us through the website, and we’ll answer all of your questions.


WLDM is not a regular SEO company; we’re a cool SEO company, because we use pop culture references in our pitches, obviously. Give us a call, and you’ll see.   



WLDM is the home to some of the most talented digital marketing consultants, Sydney has to offer. If you’re looking for SEO rockstars, you’ve found them!


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