Do you want to know the key to a successful digital marketing strategy? If you do, then keep on reading! 


In this digital marketing “editorial”, we’re going to dive into the depths of organic SEO, content building and the automated lead generation that can reshape the digital look of your startup or e-commerce business. Every service of the White Light Digital Marketing (WLDM) Agency will be at your disposal, and after you read a bit about our digital strategy, you’ll understand why we feature the most innovative and effective digital marketing consultants, Melbourne.


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WLDM offers an array of services that can boost your organic traffic, and bring new customers and clients to your website. If you want to know what’s so unique about us, then we can begin by explaining our rockstar services:


  • Keyword research – High-volume keywords are awesome, but they’re not always effective in the gigantic pool called the Internet. Long-tailed keywords and industry targeted terms are a far more efficient way to conduct a keyword analysis, which will actually produce results and drive traffic. At WLDM, we excel at finding profit-driven keywords, which are custom tailored according to your business objectives.
  • Content and on-page SEO – We will prepare high-quality content, optimise it for Google and get you those website ratings. Our on-page SEO refers both to the content and the HTML source code (including meta tags, titles and descriptions).
  • Technical SEO Audit – We’re going to inspect everything: pressing technical SEO issues, duplicate content, low page speed, missing H1/H2 tags, HTTPS status codes, URL and 404 errors, the XML sitemap status, keyword cannibalisation, duplicate metadata, broken links and other vital details.
  • Ranking drop investigation – The WLDM digital marketing consultants, Melbourne will pinpoint the reason/s your website suddenly dropped in ranking. Furthermore, we will give you guidelines and smart, innovative solutions that will get those rankings back.
  • Backlinks – Backlinks are the most natural, organic way for your website to start ranking better on Google. Why? Because they are a  “vote of confidence” from other websites, they drive organic traffic to your site, and Google likes to use them for assessment. We’re experts in backlinks building, and they are one of the central parts in our digital marketing strategy.
  • SEO for small businesses – Besides working with enterprises, we have substantial experience with startups and small businesses, and we can develop a comprehensive and methodical digital marketing strategy, which includes SEO and content creation.


Furthermore, if you’re wondering about the WLDM credentials, as you should by now because we seem fantastic, and you would love to work with us, then you should know that we have a combined experience of more than 30 years of SEO know-how. In-depth knowledge of upcoming trends in the digital marketing world (Brie and Viola are the ones that created the DMSS conference, after all) and our list of clients can be the best indicator of a job well done. Moreover, we’re data-driven and focused only on what works for you in your field of business.


Meet the WLDM team: A group of ingenious marketing consultants, Melbourne


Brie, Viola and Steve are the managers of the WLDM team of SEO consultants, digital marketers, copywriters, outreach specialists and developers. They started WLDM with one goal in mind, to help you rank your website better and thus turn bigger profits.


Our end game is to help you implement our digital marketing solutions and SEO strategies to achieve sustainable growth. We want to see you succeed and rank better, because your success is also ours, and we take our job very seriously. As marketing consultants, Melbourne, our main mission is to make your business more profitable.  


We create long-lasting partnerships with our clients, which are built on mutual trust and accomplishment. WLDM shares your ambition and passion for triumph, and our team of committed marketers is here to aid you in reaching that business milestone!


Viola is an SEO Consultant and Strategist, Co-Founder of White Light Digital Marketing Agency and DMSS Conference. With her broad SEO and Digital Marketing experience, she helps clients every day to increase their rankings on Google. In-depth analysis and proven methodologies via best practices are employed to achieve strong results and increased ROI for her clients.


Brie is a senior SEO Consultant and has over 10 years of experience in all areas of digital marketing. He runs a digital marketing agency, White Light Digital Marketing, which specialises in SEO, and is the co-founder of DMSS – Digital Marketing Skill Share.


The DMSS conference in Bali features over 30 unique workshops and keynote speeches with the latest marketing strategies, tricks and insights to accelerate your digital performance. We host over 300 marketing professionals, digital nomads and entrepreneurs for a few days in Bali, where we share our secrets and successful SEO techniques! Both of them have been keynote speakers in many digital marketing conferences across the world.


WLDM was also shortlisted for the SEMrush Award in the category of best agency of the year. As we said above, our work speaks the loudest, but the recognition makes us feel good, too.


How do we conduct business?


With WLDM, everything is streamlined, fast and efficient. We like to take care of our clients, which means that you will be informed about every stage of the project at all times, and you’ll have a complete overview of the whole process. The first thing we’ll do is make an assessment of the current state of your website and identify the issues that need immediate attention. Once we’re done with the analysis, we sit down with you and figure out the rest.


Don’t worry; we’ll come prepared with layouts, digital strategy and practical solutions, which are tailored exclusively to your business and objectives. We understand that your time is limited, which is why we tend to eliminate misunderstandings right at the beginning and explain to you step by step what each of our methods entails. It’s almost like you’ll be getting a short introduction to digital marketing.


The WLDM team aims to build a digital strategy that will provide sustainable growth for an extended period of time. Our solutions persistently improve and progress your digital assets. Furthermore, we’ll make sure everything looks polished, and it’s completely functional. Your website is an extension of your brand, and the content is the most crucial part of the online advertisement.


Content is King: WLDM is THE content marketing agency, Melbourne


The “Content is King” concept was first introduced to the world by Bill Gates in 1996 in an essay written for the Microsoft website. The text has one simple message:


“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting. If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that they can explore at will. Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences and products – a marketplace of content.”


This is where WLDM comes in as one of the best content marketing agencies, Melbourne. We value high-quality content because it’s one of the cornerstones of effective SEO, and when we promote the content with a steadfast marketing campaign, we’re able to achieve the results you hired us to bring to fruition!


Because we love working with data, this is just how relevant content is in today’s online realm:


  • 100,000 Tweets were published.
  • 15,000 Instagram posts went live.
  • 1,000 blog posts were posted.
  • 1 million Google searches were made.


All this occurred from the moment you started reading this editorial.


Google went through many phases when it comes to content and SEO, and it began with the Hummingbird program in 2013, and today, Google will ban or lower your website’s ranking because of inconsequential, thin or meaningless content (the Google’s engine has the IQ of a 6-year-old child, and it’s learning with every new search).


What is the conclusion when it comes to content?


Quality content is King!


More than 90 percent of businesses feature content marketing in some form or another. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 76 percent say they value quality over quantity, and they are not the only ones since Google’s algorithms agree. If you want to be a part of the successful e-commerce or B2B community, you’ll have to get on board.


Why should you choose WLDM?


WLDM specialises and excels in a content-driven digital strategy – Melbourne’s most unique content agency for a reason. When we create content, we do it by respecting the basic principles of quality writing and SEO patterns in mind. Our copies are not overpacked with keywords that will upset the Google algorithm to flag the post as spam. On the contrary, they are well-balanced, and they tell a story. If you want to present your company in the best light, high-quality content is the smartest way to achieve that.


What you can expect from our copywriters:


  • Context – The intent of the user is the most crucial part of any keyword strategy, which is why we write copies filled with useful information and facts that can be valuable to the customer.  The landing pages that we’re going to build for you will be concise, clear and attention-grabbing in an elegant, sophisticated way. Google acts like a fairy godmother to quality content, which means it will reward you with strong SERPs positioning and higher click-through rates. (We’ll fix up your on-page SEO, too!)
  • Shareability – Yes, it’s a word, and we didn’t make it up; it’s in the Oxford Dictionary. The speciality of the WLDM team is to market the shareable content by building a strong and sustainable backlinking network. Furthermore, we also create kickass infographics for you that have a substantial social media shareability potential.
  • Social media friendly – It’s an everlasting circle of content shared to social media, which brings backlinks, which in return boosts engagement rates on the platform. It’s a neverending story (not the amazing movie, but the allegory). You can’t have the one, without the other, and WLDM knows how to bring them closer together.


WLDM created the perfect SEO content template where we combine internal linking with the right amount of keyword combinations and call to action, to make the copy valuable and engaging. At the end of the day, our content writers just like to write, and they might as well use their talents for the promotion of your business.


We wrote a whole chapter in the content marketing playbook!


The online marketing consultant, Melbourne


Last, but not least, as some of the most committed online marketing consultants, Melbourne, we would like to tell you more about the holistic approach we take when we’re drafting content and SEO strategies. Since we’re on the frontier of digital marketing, every day on the “field” measuring the organic traffic and conducting research, all of our SEO methods are tested and upgraded continuously. Staying ahead of the trends is not a luxury, but a necessity in our line of business. Because we offer you the best possible service, we have to stay on the cutting edge of SEO techniques.


We offer three packages from 15, 25 to 50 hours a month, and if you want to know more, you can write us a quick email, and we’ll give all the details. We’re not a standard SEO company, but somewhat more data-driven and innovative, and if you’re serious about implementing a new and stimulating digital marketing strategy, then we’re your guys! We feature cutting-edge SEO methods, combined with a full-service offer!


The WLDM can also be your digital marketing consultant in Brisbane and Sydney! As digital marketers, we work online and are available across different time zones, so you’ll be able to reach us at all times. The moment you become our client, our focus and primary objective is to help you land on the first page of Google results! All of the above is the reason the WLDM team features the finest digital marketing consultants, Melbourne.


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