As a business owner in the new digital era, you certainly understand that a recognisable online presence is crucial for success. Almost every major company in any industry has already drafted a digital marketing strategy to dominate Google results. This is where White Light Digital Marketing (WLDM) comes in. If you’re searching for a digital marketing consultant, Brisbane can offer you some of the best!   Just ask to contact us at for now!

SEO services


  • Analysis – Once you become our client, we will do a technical audit and an in-depth analysis of the website to determine the reasons your rankings dropped. This method is data-driven and supported by the most reliable SEO tools. You will be able to see exactly what you’re dealing with when it comes to your ranking on Google.
  • Strategy – When we’re done with the audit, we’ll create a strategy for your business, and consult with you for the determined goals. You will approve each actionable plan we devise, and you’ll receive complete transparency regarding target keywords and ranking KPIs.
  • Content creation – Our content is SEO optimised, which means each piece of writing you’re going to receive from us is prepared according to a unique formula. Because we conduct detailed keyword research, we can easily find the keywords that achieve the greatest impact in your field of work. Furthermore, we will even optimise the exciting content on your website so that you can rank better on Google search results for particular industry keywords.  
  • On-page SEO – Our secret when it comes to on-page optimisation is correlational SEO. Since we’ll do a complete analysis, we’ll know where the problems are and how to fix them for you — for example technical SEO issues, duplicate content, low page speed, missing H1/H2 tags, HTTPS status codes, URL and 404 errors, the XML sitemap status, keyword cannibalisation, duplicate metadata, broken links and other errors.
  • Backlink building and outreach – You want a guest post? Done. An infographic? Done. Skyscraper content? Also done. The best part is that we’ll promote all of the above through backlinks, which are the most organic way for your site to rank better on Google.
  • Technical SEO – Crawling and indexing will no longer be an issue for you, once we’re done with our work.

Brie and Viola are the co-founders of WLDM, and they have gathered some amazing references throughout the years for their SEO work. Before we go into details about the way we conduct business, you should get to know us better.   “I worked closely with Brie on a large-scale SEO project at G.J. Gardner Homes with a number of complexities due to our business structure. Over the course of the project, I found that he is not only an exceptional digital strategist but truly passionate about achieving the best for his clients. Integrating him into the project with a range of developers, business owners and corporate teams was a breeze due to his ability to work collaboratively with a range of stakeholders. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brie to anyone looking for an experienced and respected digital strategist.”   AARON NG, Manager at G.J. Gardner Homes, National Marketing and Communications   “Viola is an SEO crack. With her team, she did a great job on SEO for our Online Academy with a very professional, strategic and transparent way of collaborating and communicating. I especially appreciated that we could collaborate in a lean startup way, applying ‘build-measure-learn’ cycles – hence, helping my team and myself to learn and to progress (in an accelerated fashion) ourselves. I look forward to working together with Viola on future projects again. I can highly recommend her services.”   OLVER DURRER, Leiter Online Academy, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund   Plus, that’s not all! They also created the most famous digital marketing conference in the region, DMSS.

What is DMSS?

The next logical question, of course, is what is DMSS, and why is it so popular among digital marketers in the region?   Let us explain this in a few short sentences.   DMSS or Digital Marketing Skill Share is held every year in Bali, where over 30 exclusive workshops and keynote speeches from experts in the industry are sharing their inside knowledge of the SEO world. Each year we have over 300 professionals that come together to exchange tips, tricks and strategies that would accelerate their performance.   Furthermore, Brie and Viola, have been keynote speakers in many digital marketing conferences across the world, which is what you would expect from the best digital marketing consultant, Brisbane has to offer.

What are our credentials?

The best way to explain how good we are is to point out that WLDM was shortlisted for the SEMrush Award in the category of the best agency of the year.   Between our team of talented and driven digital marketers is over 30 years of experience in SEO. We feature SEO strategists, content writers and outreach specialists that all work towards the same goal, which is to get your business to the no. 1 page on Google results.   We can help you achieve sustainable growth by increasing your ranking, creating high-quality content, promoting the material and building a network of quality backlinks for your website. WLDM is all about a holistic SEO approach!

What should you expect from your marketing consultant, Brisbane?

Let’s discuss the SEO packages for a marketing consultant, Brisbane or any other place in Australia and what should they provide for your business. WLDM also features digital marketing consultants in Melbourne and digital marketing consultants in Sydney.

SEO packages

Our SEO packages come in three sizes:

  • Bronze – 15 hours per month – lightweight package for businesses that want to improve their digital marketing strategy by investing a little each month.
  • Silver – 25 hours per month – standard SEO package for companies that want overall optimisation, and are focusing on SEO as an integral part of their marketing strategy.
  • Gold – 50 hours per month – the all-inclusive package for businesses that want to achieve results fast, and they’re making SEO the central piece in their digital marketing plan.


WLDM is your content marketing agency, Brisbane

Content has been getting a lot of buzz for the last couple of years, especially when it comes to SEO and improving Google ranking. The reasons for that are quite obvious — Google loves high-quality content, and it tends to award the sites that provide it! For that reason alone, you should find a good content marketing agency. Brisbane has one for you! WLDM!   Let’s go over some crucial numbers that support our statements on the subject.

  • According to research conducted by Curata, 42 percent of the companies on the market have hired a designated content strategist.
  • The Content Marketing Institute concluded in 2017 that content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising.
  • The Social Marketing Industry Report states that 43 percent of B2B marketers focus on blogging as their most important type of content.
  • In the Demand, Gen Report published in 2016 concluded that 47 percent of buyers need to view  three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep, and that 96 percent of B2B buyers want to see content with more input from relevant business leaders.
  • HubSpot states that businesses that published 16+ blog posts per month got about 4.5 times more leads than businesses that don’t publish at all, or publish to four blog posts per month.

You have to admit that those numbers are quite impressive, but not at all surprising. WLDM focuses on content so much because we understand how important it is for driving organic traffic to your website, which will, in turn, generate more sales and visitors. The higher you rank on Google, the possibility for turning profit in your online store increases.

Why is the WLDM content different than any other content?

Our content is different because we put a value on a few key ingredients in our special formula.   First of all, we use templates, which are tested, filled with precise keyword mapping and an internal linking structure that enables Google to find your content. Secondly, we centre our attention to the reader and answering his/her questions about your product. We want to give people a reason to come back to your site.   Our content is educational, amusing, exciting and most of all, engaging and shareable.  

The WLDM digital strategy, Brisbane

As we said above, WLDM focuses on a holistic digital strategy, Brisbane, and our digital marketing agency have a lot to offer in this regard. We combine on-site SEO with content marketing and backlink building to provide the best and fastest results for your company. Working with us is like taking a short introductory course on SEO, because we’ll offer you transparency every step of the way.

How can our SEO help your business excel and grow?

Every business needs SEO in today’s digital era!   Our SEO has one goal in mind, and that’s getting you to Page 1 on Google. Why? Because most customers find the products and services they need by searching for them on Google. The benefits are far beyond the regular increased website traffic and improved visibility, although they are the cornerstone upon which we continue building.

  • We improve not only the traffic but the quality of the traffic your website receives from viewers. We want to reach the customers that are likely to purchase your goods and services. By building a profile of the ideal client, we can focus your digital presence on particular target groups.
  • Paid listings are not very popular, on the contrary! However, if your company manages to get to Page 1 on Google organically, viewers inherently believe that your business is trustworthy and thus reputable. That means that our SEO will improve not only the traffic of your website but also the brand/reputation of your company. This way, you get the chance to establish trust and credibility with your potential customers.
  • We’re going big when it comes to engagement, which is why we create educational content that can turn visitors into clients. If people stay on your website longer, that leads to more click-throughs and sales, and that can be managed by exciting and engaging content. Plus we want to create a brand for your company that people will identify with adjectives like responsive and knowledgeable.


The online marketing consultant, Brisbane

WLDM can offer you an online marketing consultant, Brisbane or any other place in Australia, which is competent and SEO proficient. Each member of our team is fully committed to helping you succeed, because your success is the best proof of a job well done.   The best asset of our agency is the custom-tailored oriented action plan. Everything is designed according to your needs and particular wishes. When it comes to our clients, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach.   WLDM builds a digital strategy that will provide sustainable growth for your company in the long run. Our marketing solutions focus on creating a sound base for your business to keep on improving the digital assets. Let’s not forget that we’ll keep your site clean and polished, and make it look functional and stylish.   We conduct business by drafting an effective digital strategy and offering practical solutions to your SEO problems. We’ll sit down with you and figure it out!   WLDM has the best digital marketing consultant Brisbane has to offer, and the team is here to help you turn visitors into customers. If you have any more questions regarding SEO and our services, leave us a comment below, send us an email or a messenger bird. We’ll get back to you.   Just ask to contact us at for now!